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China Eastern Flight MU5735 Crashes in Guangxi

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Final Moment Of China Eastern Flight MU5735 Nosediving Into Mountain Caught On Camera [Video]

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5735 mu Investigators Recover

Investigators Recover China Eastern Airlines MU5735 Flight Data Recorder

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Aviation Experts Baffled by Crash of China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735

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There is flight MU 5735 infos, looks like pilots tried to save the plane at the Last moment,in May have caused the crash for you investigators? : aircrashinvestigation

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  • Forcing the plane to do so would likely require an extreme effort by a pilot, or a highly unusual malfunction.

  • You can find tracking information on the jet and flight , the plane caught fire upon impact with the ground.



  • Civil aviation data provider VariFlight the plane was up at about 8,900 meters approximately 29,200 feet when it began to slow down and descend at 2:19 p.

  • The wreckage was subsequently discovered there.