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GKP 4.0, Semakan Tarikh Bayaran Geran Khas Tambahan 2021

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GKP 3.0: Permohonan dan Semakan Status Pembayaran Geran Khas Prihatin 2021

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Micro SMEs to get additional RM500 aid under Prihatin Special Grant 3.0 from today, says finance minister

Geran Khas Prihatin 4.

  • Tengku Zafrul said for micro SMEs which have not received any GKP assistance previously, the registration for GKP 4.

  • Micro-SMEs that have not passed and have not received the GKP before will still have the opportunity to submit an application for review.

PRIHATIN SME Economic Stimulus Package 3.0

Bagaimana nak jadi pembekal pembekal menawarkan produk dan perkhidmatan kepada kerajaan Malaysia secara atas talian? Bantuan Sabah Prihatin 3.

  • Therefore, when should I report sales on the GKP 3.

  • The Government will cross-check with several Government agencies to ensure the authenticity of the information submitted by the applicant.