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You can watch Jeremy Clarkson explain why he thinks the Autobiography is a better buy than the Bentayga in on Prime Video.

  • This is part of your life that makes you travel in fast directions.

  • There's nothing wrong with the Lancia.

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A dream about blue car could have different meanings depending on another context in the same dream like the following scenarios: Dreaming of a dark blue car: When you dream where you see a dark blue car, it is a sign that you are in control of a certain situation in your life in a way that you need to be brutally honest or insensitive.

  • Based on the different preferences people have about their vehicle color, seating material, shape and size, it's easy to infer who they are.

  • Besides its neck-breaking charm on onlookers, the Corvette Stingray is a car worthy of your dream garage.

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