Indonesia submarine 402 - Indonesia submarine: Items found indicate vessel sunk

402 indonesia submarine Indonesian military

Indonesia navy declares missing submarine sunk, killing all 53 aboard

402 indonesia submarine Indonesia submarine

402 indonesia submarine Yahoo forma

402 indonesia submarine Indonesian Submarine

402 indonesia submarine Indonesian military


402 indonesia submarine Lessons Indonesia

Indonesia's Submarine KRI Nanggala 402

402 indonesia submarine 53 Declared

402 indonesia submarine Indonesian military

As Indonesia searches for sub, many fear it's too deep to be rescued

402 indonesia submarine Indonesia navy

Indonesia submarine: Video emerges of crew singing farewell weeks before disaster

402 indonesia submarine KRI Nanggala

Indonesian Submarine Missing: KRI Nanggala

A hydro-oceanographic survey ship equipped with underwater detection capabilities also was on its way to the site around the oil spills.

  • Parts of the missing submarine sit on the seafloor off Bali, Indonesia.

  • Ultimately, Indonesia needs to develop its own submarine rescue capability.

All 53 on board sunken Indonesian submarine confirmed dead, more debris found: Military chief

Heri Oktavian, who died in the incident, had voiced his frustration with the maintenance status of the Nanggala to Edna C.

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  • The navy chief was speaking alongside the chief of Indonesia's military and its defence minister, Prabowo Subianto, at a news conference in Bali a day after the submarine went missing while conducting a torpedo drill north of the island.