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Wooden Museum Model, by Woody JOE

The wooden ship is 4,600 years old and was reportedly so well-designed it could still sail if launched back onto the Nile today.

  • If you are not able to do this though, don't worry, Generally, Egyptians are friendly and are happy to lend assistance and help you out at any time, especially to foreigners and tourists, language barrier and all.

  • Today these trees are much rarer, but we must think that there are 45 centuries that separate us from this era, while nature has changed.

Khufu ship

It took years for the Egyptian Department of Antiquities to fully reconstruct the ship without damaging it but the process has not yielded any concrete answers about its origin.

  • Planks as much as 21 m 72 ft long are locked end to end with complex, hooked scarfs.

  • Archaeologists are certain the beautiful boat was built for the great Pharaoh Khufu but little is known about its exact purpose.