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Yusof vivy Vivy Yusof

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Yusof vivy Vivy Sofinas

Yusof vivy Entrepreneurship :

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Yusof vivy Vivy Sofinas

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Motivational Personal Stories: Vivy Yusof Of FashionValet & dUCk Group

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“When Will It Be Digitised?” Vivy Yusof Went Through A Long Process To Register Baby Idris

Beliau adalah pengasas jenama produk FashionValet dan Duck.

  • Complacency or self-pride happens, which is bad.

  • Retrieved 7 June 2017.


Furthermore, Chan Kee Siak has able to attract customers from 121 different countries.

  • She therefore decided to launch a shopping center online FashionValet.

  • Sometimes this is the wrong move because you forget your identity.