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‘Register at only one private PPV for booster’

Ppv list protecthealth Sinovac Booster

Public urged to register at only one private PPV for booster shot

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PPV offsite list for walk

Ppv list protecthealth Malaysians Must

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Malaysians Can Now Join A Waiting List To Get A Booster Dose Appointment

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Ppv list protecthealth PPV offsite

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Covid Booster Walk

Besides that, those who have not received the first or second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, including adolescents aged 12 to 17, as well as those who missed their appointments, are also eligible to sign up.

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  • Please refer to below phone number and hours for vaccination.

Vaksin Covid

Individuals who are unable to take Pfizer or AstraZeneca owing to medical reasons will be prescribed Sinovac.

  • The ProtectHealth website lists private clinics and healthcare providers that are participating under the National Immunisation Programme.

  • Mounting evidence shows that the primary vaccination series of many existing vaccines provide inadequate protection against the new variant.