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Group ipo pekat Solar PV

Group ipo pekat Pekat’s IPO

Group ipo pekat Pekat’s IPO

Pekat IPO

Group ipo pekat Top 5

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Group ipo pekat Pekat IPO

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Group ipo pekat 新IPO系列

Pekat Group to raise RM44.4m from IPO

The new head office -- which will showcase its solar PV facility business, integrated management, monitoring and assessment platform -- is expected to be completed and operational by December 2023.

  • Through its subsidiaries, the Group is principally involved in the design and implementation of technology applications and infrastructure solutions that supports the fundamental business operations of customers.

  • Laman web ini menawarkan servis pengiklanan dari pengiklan Saracen Inc.

Pekat Group Berhad IPO

Skim pembiayaan teknologi hijau 3.

  • Its market share and size as compared to competitors in Malaysia.

  • Di sebalik itu, kos pemasangan sistem solar PV juga menurun sebanyak 70% sepanjang dekad yang lalu.