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Additionally, the present invention couples an electrical portion of the reverse mounted light generating source with a conductive trace coupled to the reverse side of the substrate, wherein the coupling of the conductive trace with the substrate and the reverse mounted light generating source forms a reverse mounted light array.

  • Comprehensive rental services and solutions to meet most event needs.

  • The light module includes one or more emitters of light of at least two different colors that are individually accessible to the one or more drive signals.

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To achieve transformation from high-dimensions to a single-dimension, attribute values of a data item, each representing a different dimension, are mapped into a range and an integer value is assigned to each dimension.

  • Upon achieving transformed values, known single-dimensional indexing structures can be employed.

  • Abstract: A solder mask for use on a carrier substrate includes a device-securing region positionable over at least a portion of a die-support location of the carrier substrate.