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Hawkeye Finale Confirms Major Fan Theory About Clint Barton's Wife

Barton laura Is Laura

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Barton laura Hawkeye

SHIELD Agent 19 Is Laura Barton On Hawkeye, Explained

Barton laura Is Laura

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Barton laura SHIELD Agent

Barton laura Hawkeye Finale

Barton laura Is Laura

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Characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

However, Ronan's quest for vengeance and power causes him to break allegiance with Thanos and he decides to use the stone himself to serve his own agenda.

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  • He is the head of defense at S.

Is Laura Barton the MCU's Mockingbird?

As of 2022 , the character has appeared in one film: Spider-Man: No Way Home.

  • In Avengers: Endgame, it is revealed that she survived the Blip and brought the remaining Asgardians to a town in Norway called New Asgard, which she rules in place of the depressed Thor.

  • When Strange is forced to magically erase the world's knowledge of Parker's existence to stop the Multiverse from breaking open, MJ and Parker profess their love for one another before going their separate ways, as she and everyone else forgets him.