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Uptown healthland A Pie

Uptown healthland Healthland uptown

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HealthLand Family Wellness Center Malaysia Review, Outlets & Price

Uptown healthland ProMedica Skilled

Uptown healthland ProMedica Skilled

Uptown healthland ProMedica Skilled

Uptown healthland Healthland uptown

HealthLand Uptown Damansara, massage centre in Damansara Utama

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Health Land

Senang bukan , jadi jom ke sini nak?? Selesa tau bila berada di sini dengan lagu melodi yang di pasang dan bau aromaterapi sedikit sebanyak membuatkan hati rilex dan tenang.

  • After the initial screening, patients come back to Heartland for follow-ups or to be referred to a primary care doctor who works with the patients on routine needs, including cancer screenings and family planning services.

  • Tapi yang Ayue pergi adalah di Setia Alam.


I actually recorded a short vlog during my visit, kindly check out the video below or you can go directly to this link : Healthland Wellness Center has quite a number of outlets, but the one I visited is at Setia Alam.

  • Took a bite and the taste just impressed me further.

  • More than 2,100 Afghan refugees have resettled in Illinois since September, according to the.