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Towers champlain Champlain Towers

Surfside Champlain Towers South Condo Collapse & the Science of Concrete [Video]

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Towers champlain Surfside’s Champlain

Towers champlain Surfside’s Champlain

Champlain Towers Condos For Sale

Towers champlain Surfside’s Champlain

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Champlain Towers survivors say fire alarm didn’t make a sound

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What Comes After the Champlain Tower Collapse?

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Florida condo collapse victims: Here are their stories

There was money laundering in Surfside. Here's how we uncovered it.

Cement is one ingredient in concrete.

  • The article includes three annotated color-coded maps identifying buildings which are under scrutiny due to their date of construction and their height.

  • Residents of Champlain Towers North and East have been offered the option of voluntary evacuation.

Florida condo collapse victims: Here are their stories

Using information released by Miami-Dade police along with public records and online appeals, DailyMail.

  • Very willingly he assisted me throughout the case of my accident; during which he remained respectful, determine, and highly optimistic not only for the case but for myself as well! Records show Breiterman overlooked at least one critical and potentially life-threatening construction defect — insufficient steel reinforcements in parts of the concrete structure.

  • What we do know for sure is that sea levels in Miami continue to rise.