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Blossom • Three sisters on a musical journey

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Dandelion Family (Korean Drama, 2010, 민들레 가족) @ HanCinema

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The Blossom Sisters by Fern Michaels

Sisters blossom blossom rock

Hackensack NJ dance studio Blossom Sisters teaches ballet and hip

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Keane voiced by and by in the episodes is the teacher of Pokey Oaks Kindergarten.

  • They were quite wealthy and kept it a secret from Gus, mostly to save him from embarrassment at what they were doing and then to keep Elaine from finding out about their wealth.

  • All classes are between 45 min to 1 hour.

Blossom • Three sisters on a musical journey

However, Mee convinces Bliss to prove him wrong as the girls invite her to defeat Chipmunk Commando.

  • Improved Brain Function Ballet challenges the body and mind.

  • The plot went in too many directions; the business with the senior citizens was unrealistic.