Hwang jun ho - What happened to policeman Jun

Ho hwang jun Who is

What happened to policeman Jun

Ho hwang jun Jun

Luka — can you write one about clingy junho x fem reader...

Ho hwang jun Squid Game:

Hwang Jun

Ho hwang jun Who is

Ho hwang jun Front Man

Ho hwang jun Squid Game:

Ho hwang jun What happened

Ho hwang jun Wi Ha

Ho hwang jun Squid Game's

Ho hwang jun Luka —

Front Man

The South Korean drama has taken the world by storm.

  • Even after being shot, In-ho signs to the masked staff not to fire and tells Jun-ho to come with him if he wants to live.

  • Shortly before the 33rd Squid Game, In-ho left his dormitory for more than a week and stopped to respond the calls from his family.

Hwang Jun

He also values the secrecy of the games, as seen when he immediately kills the masked manager that is forced to reveal his face to a player.

  • These people suffered from inequality and discrimination out in the world, and we offer them one last chance to fight on equal footing and win.

  • In-ho is also respectful towards after he wins the games, congratulating Gi-hun and admitting he wasn't expecting him to go so far in the competition.

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