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Happiness jar of The Jar

Happiness Jar

Happiness jar of How To

Happiness jar of Jar of

Happiness jar of How to

Happiness Jar

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The Jar of Happiness activity…

Happiness jar of Happiness Jar

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Happiness jar of How To

How To Create a Happiness Jar (And Why You'd Want To)

Little Jar of Happiness: Choose to Be Happy Each Year!

I opened the lid and unfolded the affirmations deposited inside.

  • We will get a chance to relive some special moments and smile about all the good times we experienced together.

  • The design cuts 24 hearts out of one sheet of 8.

Jar of Happiness

You can never start instilling that too young! I decided to add a happiness to this text set The Jar of Happiness is about a little girl named Meg that wants to carry around complete happiness everywhere she goes.

  • Dry again, then apply one last layer if needed.

  • Likewise, the fact that the happiness jar emphasizes the positive is enough in itself.

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