Kagura ramen - 7 Places to Slurp Up Some Halal Ramen in Klang Valley

Ramen kagura KY eats

Ramen kagura Kagura, Kuala

Ramen kagura 9 Best


Ramen kagura KAGURA, Kuala

Top 12 Ramen Spots In KL & PJ For Authentic Japanese Ramen (2021 Guide)

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KY eats

Ramen kagura 10 Japanese

Ramen kagura 9 Best

Ramen kagura Kagura, Kuala

THE BEST Ramen in Madrid (Updated April 2022)

Ramen kagura Busty waitresses,

Ramen kagura 7 Ramen

KY eats


From signature Shiro to Yuzu, you can choose from 8 different types of broth made by simmering for at least 48 hours.

  • I had the spicy premium ramen with is advertised with everything in it.

  • ¡¡Y yo con estos pelos!!! Unlike ramen, tsukemen is served with a thicker sauce on the side for dipping and eating, just like soba.

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