Chechnya war - Chechen troops suffer heavy loss in Ukraine war; likely to be sent back to Russia

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Russia: Chechen war

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Putin May Use Chechen War Playbook In Ukraine, Says Russian Human Rights Activist

War chechnya Russia's War

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‘We can find you anywhere’: the Chechen death squads stalking Europe

War chechnya Russia's War

War chechnya First Chechnya

Revealed: Russia's worst war crime in Chechnya

War chechnya Russia: Chechen


The Chechnya Conflict

According to that same month, 1,058 Russian soldiers and officers were being detained by Chechen fighters who were willing to release them in exchange for members of Chechen armed groups.

  • On a strategic level, the insurgents were very astute.

  • Fatalities Estimates of the number of civilians killed range widely from 20,000 to 100,000, with the latter figure commonly referenced by Chechen sources.

'Welcome To Hell, Part II': The Second Chechen War

In Ukraine has been suspected of horrific human rights abuses and runs an intensly regime.

  • Two Chechen fighters warm by the fire burning next to a house destroyed by Russian artillery in the center of Grozny, Jan.

  • Six bodies from that dig were never identified and were reburied in numbered graves.