G 风暴 - 《G风暴》火爆终结贪腐

风暴 g [G Storm]

风暴 g 《G风暴》火爆终结贪腐

风暴 g 古天乐反贪系列终极篇《G风暴》12月上映 宣萱黄宗泽加盟演出_腾讯新闻

风暴 g 反贪风暴5:最终章 (豆瓣)

风暴 g 《反贪风暴5:最终章G風暴》高清免费在线观看_电影免费播放

风暴 g 风暴(粤语版)_电影_高清1080P在线观看平台_腾讯视频

动作片《反贪风暴5:最终章 G風暴》高清未删减完整版

风暴 g G風暴

风暴 g 《反贪风暴5:最终章 G風暴》正片在线观看

风暴 g G storm

风暴 g G storm


《反贪风暴5:最终章 G風暴》高清全集完整版

This is the most overtly dangerous stunt, and the film knows it, going into slow-mo at that moment.

  • The film remained at No.

  • Also, the action scenes in G Storm have a lot of cuts, which does move away from the conventions of Hong Kong action films, choosing to evoke a sense of chaos through editing rather than intricate choreography.


A suicide bomber suddenly comes out of the elevator and Lam-luk pushes the bomber back into the elevator and sacrifices himself as he dies in the explosion.

  • Luk breaks down as it reminded him of his wife's death, who also died in an elevator six years ago.

  • In this aspect, G Storm is, well, okay.

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