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Sigma Lenses

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Caption : On this chart of a 'normal' distribution, showing the classic 'bell curve' shape, the mean or average is the vertical line at the center, and the vertical lines to either side represent intervals of one, two and three sigma.

  • Unsere Zielsetzung ist es, in Zusammenarbeit mit der globalen Wissenschaftsgemeinde die größten Herausforderungen im Life-Science-Bereich zu bewältigen — und damit Menschen überall einen besseren Zugang zur Gesundheitsversorgung zu ermöglichen.

  • It now focuses on supporting play therapy for hospitalized children and providing support for playrooms, libraries, and programs for children undergoing long-term hospital care.

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As I am on the slight side, I really appreciate gear that does not put great strain on the neck or shoulders, for it allows me to stay light on my feet during a shoot.

  • Of course, that also means that 5 percent of the time, the result would be outside the two-sigma range.

  • Scott and Wright led the first meetings of their secret society, the S.