Barbatos boon recipe - How to Make Barbatos Boon Genshin Guide 2022, Items Needed for this Recipe

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Genshin Impact 2.5: Drink Recipes Cheat Sheet for Of Drink A Dreaming

Recipe barbatos boon All 21

Recipe barbatos boon Genshin Impact

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Recipe barbatos boon Barbatos Boon

Recipe barbatos boon All drink

Recipe barbatos boon ‘Genshin Impact’

Recipe barbatos boon Of Drink

‘Genshin Impact’ drink recipe list for the Of Drink

Recipe barbatos boon Genshin Impact

Recipe barbatos boon Bartender Challenge

Recipe barbatos boon Barbatos Boon

Genshin Impact: All Drink Recipes

Keep it on Topic Quality and Relevance.

  • If you go into the recipe book, all locked recipes will have a description where you can pretty much guess the ingredients - it's not very hard.

  • Discovering every recipe is also required for unlocking the final challenges for the Of Drinking-a-Dream event, so players should figure out all 21 recipes as quickly as possible to get the best rewards.

Of Drink A

Once the requirements are met, players can travel to Angel's Share Tavern in Mondstadt City.

  • In , he recruits the Traveler for a , where they fulfill drink orders for.

  • Follow the precise recipe and serve it to the customer.