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In simpler terms, they have leaner upper body and a heavier lower body.

  • Other Tips Besides always keeping your eye on a new fashion designer, and you can find out about the different new designers by using the Internet because this will be the best available resources to you, there are other tips as well that you are going to want to keep in mind if you want to have the most success.

  • Before his untimely death in 2008, was among the most promising young designers in the Netherlands.


You can also submit your work for evaluation.

  • The Fashion Design Process, unlike what non-fashion designers and the uninitiated think, it is definitely not just out of the box thinking, nor bringing up glorious ideas by magic, out of the big blue sky! Whether you are designing for men, women, or kids, you should have the capability to see if something is even a quarter of an inch off and.

  • Image sourced from — Step 4 — Sourcing — Fabrics and trims With an idea and direction towards the upcoming collection plan in mind, before we finalize the designs or go to actualization of the design development, or in short, before we start working on the complete designs, we start looking at all kinds of fabrics and trims possibilities for the collection.