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The Riddler’s Spanish riddle “El Rata Alada” in The Batman explained

Alada rata The Batman's

Alada rata The Riddler’s

¿Qué significa “Rata Alada”, el sitio visto web en The Batman?

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Decipher the Riddler's Symbols in The Batman Trailer to Reveal a Secret

Alada rata Izuku The

Alada rata Izuku The

Alada rata The Batman:

The Batman: How to find and crack Riddler’s real

Alada rata The Riddler’s

Alada rata Rata Alada:

The Batman Launches Riddler

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Batman Rataalada Website

However, the site is programmed to tease fans who click away from the questions at any time.

  • Why has The Riddler been leading Wayne towards Falcone? The fаct thаt he is the only chаrаcter in the movie with а bird for а surnаme should hаve given them а hint, but they eventuаlly figure it out.

  • Pictures or news links of celebrities that don't relate to Batman.

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