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Conjoined twins in stable condition following surgery at Hospital Tunku Azizah.

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Was Surprised To Receive The

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Was Surprised To Receive The

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Tunku Azizah advises mothers to always keep an eye on children’s health

She continues to keep abreast with the Professor's latest research and development in fertility to continuously improve success rates.

  • This was not just as there was a serious need for a modern hospital in Johor but also a safe one from the danger of fires.

  • Going Forward Public disclosure of the report of the independent committee and its recommendations will enable everyone in health care facilities management, at all levels, to learn from it and implement measures in the prevention, suppression and evacuation in the event a fire occurs in the healthcare facility.


This is despite the fact that in terms of revenue, Johor is one of the largest contributors to the federal budget.

  • Sultanah Amina died in September 1977 following a car accident.

  • Tunku Azizah bertitah agar golongan ibu tidak memandang ringan terhadap sakit demam yang dialami anak-anak, sebaliknya membuat pemeriksaan di hospital dengan segera demi memastikan kesihatan mereka sentiasa berada di tahap optimum.