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Things to do in Kundasang (2022)

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Kinabalu tarap ボルネオ島固有の果物 タラップ

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Rehat secukupnya pada hari korang sampai tu, bila dah cukup rehat jangan lama-lama sangat rehat tu korang boleh jalan-jalan sekitar Bandar KK ni untuk meninjau-ninjau budaya orang Sabah yang peramah dan cantik-cantik.

  • Do try if you bump into one! Sounds like we should have left as soon as we had breakfast but nope, not our household! You will be guided by an experienced tandem pilot to ensure your safety throughout.

  • The thick rind is covered with soft, broad spines.

Things to do in Kundasang (2022)

Daily entertainment include live band featuring famous local singer Esther Applunius, belly dancers, traditional Sabahan dancers, blowpipe performance, Argentine Tango and flair bartenders.

  • Trader Albert Chia from Klang said he also did not find this fruit up to his expectations, given the hype over it.

  • Source: Foursquare 89 Station Non-halal 89 Station is located right after the Kinabalu National Park entrance, on the way to Kundasang town, right by the roadside.

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