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From across the pond come two articulate siblings who are utterly disarming with their English accents.

  • If you ever wondered what would have happened if the producers of the Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour had produced the Cher show and darn it, they should have might have been the result.

  • Later at the bedding ceremony Lola and the girls decide to spy of the even, wanting to know what they will be in for on their wedding nights.


In his path he leaves many brokenhearted victims the last of which, the and mysterious Romina decides to teach him a lesson.

  • She and Narcisse share a deep kiss which is broken off when Lola bites his lip too hard, and he tells her that he thinks she's not in her right mind and that he doesn't want to be with her like this, though she is heartbreakingly tempting.

  • After the trial, Henry awarded her family lands.