Ear drum - Eardrum Rupture: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Drum ear Retracted Ear

Drum ear Photographs Retracted

Drum ear Ruptured Eardrum

Drum ear Retracted Ear

How to Heal a Ruptured Eardrum: 15 Steps (with Pictures)

Drum ear Eardrum Definition

Drum ear Eardrum Surgery

Eardrum Surgery and Ossiculoplasty (Types I, II & III Tympanoplasty

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Drum ear Eardrum: Anatomy,

Fluids Behind the Eardrum in Adults: Causes & Treatment

Drum ear Retracted Ear

Drum ear Retracted Ear

Eardrum Rupture: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments


  • Return to a normal range of hearing after tympanoplasty is dependent upon the extent of the abnormality.

  • Temporalis Fascial Graft being inserted into the middle ear to close the eardrum perforation.

Ear Drum Perforation

Incidents of increased stress or even alcohol and caffeine consumption can make tinnitus more pronounced.

  • Lifestyle changes: Getting enough sleep, practicing yoga, and making an effort to get regular exercise are all things you can do to promote health and decrease stress levels.

  • Click on Pictures to Enlarge Slag Injury: This picture is from a 73 year old patient who was welding and a spark entered his ear.

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