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The backscattering light is observed at the point where the coherent laser pulse is transmitted.

  • In fiscal 2019, the self-sufficiency ratio per item on weight basis was 97 percent for rice, 16 percent for wheat, 7 percent for beans, 79 percent for vegetables, 38 percent for fruits, 52 percent for meat, and 52 percent for seafood.

  • B Production Machinery Industry a In 2019, a total of 18,446 establishments employed 622,124 persons, and shipped 22.

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Tokyo reports 570 new cases.

  • December 5 There are 2,508 new cases across the nation, with a new record high of 584 in Tokyo.

  • March 17 There are 1,535 new cases across the country, including 409 in Tokyo, which marks the first time it has exceeded 400 since February 18.