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Is Lee Min Ho’s girlfriend Yeonwoo? Truth behind dating reports

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After transcending, his True Body was a huge dark-red dragon that would make most solar systems pale in comparison.

  • In reports released today, MLD Entertainment stated that Yeonwoo and Lee Min Ho share "a close senior-junior relationship," nothing more.

  • Caption: Yeonwoo with her friends Photo: Instagram So, all the men would like to date her because of her good appearance and popularity.

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If Lee Min Ho's claim of not being in a relationship with Yeonwoo is true, then it would be a violation of the COVID-19 social distancing regulations.

  • This trait itself is seemingly shared with his niece, Sesha.

  • Caption: Yeonwoo sitting inside the car Photo: Pinterest Similarly, she also collects a good sum of money from the ads and sponsors as well.