Alfie patten - 'Britain's youngest dad' narrowly escapes prison after going on drunken rampage

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Alfie Pattern kicked of home in Hailsham in East Sussex

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Who Are The World's Youngest Parents?

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Siapa Itu Alfie Patten? Dinobatkan Ayah Termuda Umur 13 Tahun, Kini Hidup Keluar Masuk Penjara

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Lout Alfie Patten narrowly avoids jail for drunkenly smashing up cars

The reason Lina was able to get pregnant so young was because she had a rare condition called precocious puberty which basically caused her to go through the sexual development stages at an extremely young age.

  • He already had a 24-month suspended prison sentence hanging over his head after being convicted on June 14 of shoplifting, theft and possession of an imitation firearm.

  • Everywhere I went people knew who I was.

The controversy over teen father Alfie Patten: Who's the daddy?

Louise Ravenscroft, prosecuting for Sussex Police, said: 'They were the organisers and protagonists of the behaviour.

  • T he parents of Chantelle Steadman allowed the teenager to share a bedroom with her then 12-year-old lover, a family friend claimed today.

  • After an ectopic pregnancy that required emergency surgery and the loss of three fetuses, he was finally able to get pregnant.