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'Chimera': All about 'Squid Game' star Park Hae

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Chimera (British TV series)

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The Chimera's Apprentice Book Two: The Stone Traveller by Roslyn Muir

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Chimera Ep 1 EngSub (2021) Korean Drama

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Drama chimera Chimera EngSub

Series: Chimera


The 16-episode series begins with an elderly man leaving a gambling den late into the night.

  • It certainly helps when the profiles of its main cast have been raised considerably in recent times.

  • As the humans and Raturro move closer to war, Mercy learns that rebel leader Majellan is after her; she is no longer safe in Deep Nestling.

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Light, who is a bastard to all but now so sweet to her! We are sorry that we cannot say more than to vow that our production team will work harder.

  • I have also enjoyed how the revelations were subtly written rather than sensationalised or teased, which adds a measure of realism into the seamless storytelling.

  • And if Alissa is dead.