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Alya (singer)

Šov je potekal spomladi leta 2012.

  • She was born close to blitzed reactor number four, deep inside the 19-mile exclusion zone.

  • The company, which was founded by best friends Manny Barbas and James Hachem, teased fans with the new product release on its Instagram, promising plumper skin, intense hydration and a strengthened skin barrier after using the product.


Miles say yes and immediately regrets it as he said it right in front of Alya.

  • Â Our manufacturing philosophy is to pair classic craftsmanship and the most advanced technologies with the lowest possible impact on the environment.

  • After Ladybug put him in a locked cage, where he is stuck with Alya all afternoon, Nino reveals that, after spending time with Alya, he doesn't have a crush on Marinette anymore, finding that he has a lot in common with Alya.