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There is an addictive quality to feeling a part of something, and transforming what it means to be a customer is essential to how these women have reimagined an industry built on customer transformation.

  • And you can still lounge about, only try it in a pair of pastel, cartoon-dazzled leggings instead of those old college sweats.

  • You can buy one for yourself at.

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I had the colors separated on the toast and then some of the colors ran together, and I thought, 'wow that actually looks pretty cool! Previously dominated by giant sportswear brands including Nike and Adidas, Gymshark has won athleisure market share from established players through a laser-like focus on conditioning and gymwear, Francis says.

  • E-commerce was its launchpad, but now it appears at odds with its future strategy.

  • That changed in 2010 with the release of the iPhone 4.

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