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Super Saigon @ Ampang: Melbourne Vietnamese Delights

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GoodyFoodies: Super Saigon, Bangsar: For Halal Vietnamese Food!

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11 takeaway and food delivery services from restaurants and cafes in Ampang

Making the meatless burger experience beyond imagination.

  • While you stay at home, you can also enjoy the same Korean dishes delivered to your doorstep.

  • We love heat, and any pedas spice is a welcome feature for us on quite possibly everything we eat.

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Antara menu yang mendapat permintaan ramai di Super Saigon ialah pho Special Beef Combination, popia segar kertas beras dibalut dengan ayam dan udang.

  • Love the area where there is plenty of sunlight with fresh plants.

  • Kudos to the team for achieving a minimalist aesthetic whilst showcasing their passion for Greece.