J sgr 999 - Schecter

Sgr 999 j ShieldSquare

Sgr 999 j Sargent &

Sgr 999 j J&K police

Sgr 999 j J&K police

Sgr 999 j J&t sgr

Sgr 999 j Terminals

Harga Postage J&T Express 2022 (Senarai Tracking Pos Jnt)

Sgr 999 j Senarai Cawangan

Sgr 999 j New study

Sgr 999 j Harga Postage

Sgr 999 j Terminals

Corona Curfew imposed in Sgr, 10 other districts of J&K

This ring is oblong, with dimensions of about seven by three light-years.

  • The magnetar itself is not visible in this image, as it has not been detected at infrared wavelengths it has been seen in X-ray light.

  • Witnesses said that barricades have also been imposed at many place to thwart the public movement.

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