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Heck, America's defense budget is disproportionally the figures in the article are from 2000, the budget has grown even further since , compared to other countries.

  • Lawyers representing the controversial Huawei executive claim her case does not stand, on the grounds of double criminality, meaning that the charges brought against her by the US do not apply in Canada.

  • According to Santiago and Dery, the Balagtas document recounts that these privileges were restored when a Juan Macapagal, who claimed to be a great grandson of Lakan Dula, aided the Spanish authorities in suppressing the , the , and the , performing his role as Master-of-Camp and Datu of Arayat.


I know personally that the Macapagal family wanted to change the universally standard Lakan Banaw Dula title, first name, surname into Lakandula, later Lakandola and much later Lacandola.

  • So the merchant ships that came into the bay preferred to unload their goods at the port of Tondo.

  • However, if they do reach that point, then the "become a vassal" option will be available in the possible surrender terms.