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Riding the Wooden Horse & Other Medieval Tortures Adopted by Washington’s Army During the American Revolution

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10 Heinous Medieval Torture Devices

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Torture pony Nasty Victorian

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Wooden horse (device)

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The device may even still be used in some parts of the world.

  • Congress refused to increase the lash count beyond 100, though Washington would occasionally order more.

  • Historian Earle noted that Revolutionary War captain Dr.

Oniriku Dan: Girl and the Wooden Horse Torture (1982)

The for would be placed between the victims breastbone and throat, just below the chin, and secured around the neck with a leather belt.

  • Torture would range from several hours to several days, and to make matters worse, the Judas Cradle was rarely, if ever, cleaned, meaning that if the victim did not die from wounds inflicted by the device itself, they would almost certainly die from infection.

  • A hole was cut in the top and bottom taken out of a barrel.

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