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Ml natalia Natalia Build

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  • If she is in the bush for 2 seconds without taking or dealing damage, Natalia enters Stealth state.

  • In addition, his ability to silence his opponents with Shadow Transition is deadly, especially when used in conjunction with a fully stacked Deadly Stinger.

Natalia Build Guide Mobile Legends

This could be true for Natalia as well, but it's most likely just a coincidence, as Natalia was released in the game in December 2016.

  • The costume he wore was a set of gold and glitter.

  • Gameplay Natalia Mobile Legends Terakhir adalah gameplay terbaik hero Natalia akan meningkatkan mekanik kalian dalam bermain Mobile Legends, tentu saja akan memberikan gameplay terbaik untuk mengalahkan target seperti tips farming, rotasi, hingga ganking.