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Sarawak: The Land of the Hornbills

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In malay hornbill Interesting facts

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Sarawak: The Land of the Hornbills

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It is theorized that the casque on the bill of these birds acts as a vibrating chamber to make their voice more powerful.

  • Atlas Moths Atlas Moth These beautiful moths are indigenous to the dry rainforests and shrublands of eastern, southern and south-eastern Asia; and are renowned for being among the largest lepidopterans in the world, with a total wing surface area of about 62 square inches! Example of the Felca Scheme joint venture.

  • Bornean Orangutan Bornean Orangutan The Bornean orangutan is native to the tropical rainforests of Borneo.

Are There Eagles In Malaysia?

Big companies own what was once theirs.

  • Other species rival the southern ground species in length, at up to about 130 cm 4 ft 3 in , including the Bucorvus abyssinicus , the Buceros bicornis and, probably the longest of all perhaps exceeding 150 cm 4 ft 11 in thanks in part to its extended tail feathers, the Rhinoplax vigil.

  • Increasingly threatened by human-caused habitat destruction and poaching, the survival of these magnificent birds will be largely determined by effective conservation intervention.

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