Arborio rice - What Else Can You Use Arborio Rice For? (Other Than Risotto)

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So, what is Arborio rice and what are its uses? Continue to add hot broth, one cup at a time, stirring until liquid is absorbed, before adding more broth.

  • Protein is also important for building muscle.

  • Add shallots and saute over medium heat until shallots are tender about 2 minutes.

What is Arborio Rice?

The starchiness of arborio rice makes it a great option for this creamy dish.

  • Freezing rice uncooked helps to prolong its shelf life so it will keep for longer, especially for brown rice on account of the small amount of natural oils in its kernels! As you pour the milk into the dish, it will mix with the rice, sugar, and salt.

  • Raisins can be added to your pudding, along with butter or a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.