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Spaghetti alla Carbonara; Recipe from Rome

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🥇 Mary Berry's Perfect Spaghetti Carbonara【 2021 】

Longer pasta is ideal for twirling to pick up all the sauce, he says.

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  • Turn off the heat when you add the eggs.

Špageti Carbonara

I made it exactly as written, only I doubled it so I would have leftovers for lunches something I usually do but have since realized may not be a good thing to do with carbonara due to the eggs; haven't tried reheating yet, so I guess we'll see! Either adding milk or cream or letting the eggs become scrambled! Some alternative alla carbonara history! Energično promešajte 1-2 pa sklonite sa ringle i odozgo sipajte slaninu i još malo sira po ukusu.

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  • Then pour over the hot pasta and toss to coat.