Locket widget - Is Locket Widget Safe? A Closer Look At The Viral App's Privacy Concerns

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Widget locket Is Locket

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'Locket' is a viral new app that lets friends share photos straight to your iPhone Home Screen

Widget locket Locket Widget

Locket widget app: From birthday gift to iPhone's most popular apps

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The new version of Lock Widgets for Android also enables you to change for an iPhone style within one click.

  • Share Just take a photo, click send, and your photo will appear on your friend's home screen in real time.

  • That is a live customizer with mini editing options.

Locket puts your friends' photos onto your Home screen using widgets

This is a new app where you can place a Widget on your iPhone homescreen that changes to the last picture someone you have added on the Locket app sent.

  • If you need help installing the widget, you can also find instructions in the app.

  • But I really do enjoy the app and hope to see new updatessss!! All it needs is a widget.

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